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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Global Indigeny, A Needed Ethic

Global Indigeny, A Needed Ethic

Communities engaging in progressive thought have been processing conversations about the danger of cultural appropriation of indigenous beliefs, practices and images for some time now. This process has brought many to a new understanding of indigenous issues.  Progress is a wonderful thing.

As part of this learning process it has also become clear that indigenous populations and cultures often share an ethic of living sustainably, providing for the future and compassion towards the planet we all share.

While cultural appropriation is unacceptable, it is clear that indigenous peoples share a focus in protecting their “place” on the face of the earth.

What we can do is adopt this focus and declare an ethic of “Global Indigeny”.  Each of us are tied to this earth and if we do not begin to act with an indigenous ethic that emphasizes sustainability and respect for the place we come from we will continue the slow destruction of mother earth.

Global Indigeny, as a concept offers solutions to many of our most pressing international problems. The wisdom of Indigenous Elders can and should lead us down a path of respect for the earth, compassion centered action and recognition that we are all tied together as one human population, from one place, with values that protect that sacred place from harm.

So how can you help establish this ethic of "Global Indigeny"? Simple, use the term in your language, your community and your social network interactions. Those much wiser than myself will define its' usefulness over time!

In Service to Mother Earth,


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Supporting Important Change- The Wild Hunt

As I read the announcement of the re-launch of the Wild Hunt I am struck with how important the new structure of the organization is to the future of sustainability for Pagans. If Jason is able to manifest an organization that rightly compensates those who contribute for their efforts on an ongoing basis, we all win.

Infrastructure is just that, the pillars, supports and trusses that we can build sustainable community upon. This is an important moment in our community. As a highly trusted organization turns to the community for support we have the opportunity to demonstrate to the world that Pagans are able to build and maintain the foundations necessary for future generations.

Please consider that each of us benefits from the service the Wild Hunt does and contribute. I believe this needs to be done by every Pagan who visits the Wild Hunt. The amount of contribution matters not, the statement and unified community action is what will make this a success for the entire community.

Join me in supporting this effort on an ongoing basis!