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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Shinny Shoes and Mindfulness

Over the years I have taken some flack and good-natured kidding from many individuals about my shoes. From my friend Patrick McCollum saying I was displacing him as the only “wing tipped Pagan” to co-workers teasing that if I take my shoes off my socks would shine also!

A 15 Year old pair of shoes

These comments prompted me to explore this life long habit of taking excessive care of my footwear. At first I suspected that it was just a habit instilled in me by my successful and old school father.  What my exploration revealed was, however, much more profound and related to my personal sense of well being, reduction of stress levels and a consistent source of grounding in my life (no pun intended)

As I engaged in shining my shoes I discovered that the process took my full attention; gone were my concerns, thought processes and every day planning.  Additionally I noticed that as the process progressed that it was so familiar that I was not thinking about the shining process but rather in a state of mindfulness, my mind blank. As I fully considered the process it was evident that my pulse slowed, my stress disappeared and a sense of joyfulness settled over me.

Strange how the most basic rituals of daily life can so fully support a healthy state of mind.  So now I am looking for other activities in my life that bring me to this place of connectedness and openness to divinity. My question to you my blessed community is, what long-standing rituals of daily life support your ability to reduce stress, live in the present and find peace?

Magik surrounds us, even the most basic of activities, established long before we embraced our current path, are rituals that can bring much comfort and sense of well being.

 May you all be blessed with rituals of comfort!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cheyenne Mountain, Where Bunnies Replace Bombs.

Awakened by warm sunlight, morning coffee was the order of the day.  Coffee in hand, I stepped out side to enjoy the dawning of a new day at Cheyenne Mountain State Park. As I gazed at the mountain I began contemplating its history.

For decades the mountain has housed a military facility critical to our nations defense strategy.  Here, officers of our military have maintained a watch on the world’s nuclear capacity. It seemed strangely appropriate that there was a dark cloud hanging over the mountain, sunny skies to both sides. The mountain seemed forbidding, in my subconscious sinister.

While considering all of this, I looked up to see a young bunny rabbit approach, unafraid. He hopped right up and sat looking at me. I felt blessed, brought back to the moment. Instantly I was mindful of the beautiful day and all the blessings of being able to enjoy life.

It was quite a dichotomy, my mind jumping from the possibility of world destruction to the profound pleasure of experiencing nature close up. There was a lesion in mindfulness for me. Our world, for so long obsessed with obtaining security, could learn much from this fearless bunny rabbit.

Live in today, take joy from life and remain grounded in the knowledge that stunning diversity and abundance surrounds us. Being obsessed with security only feeds the monster that saps our vigor for life and manifests the very thing that prevents the reality of peace in our time.

This mountain, ever present, has transformed in my mind from tragic symbol of man’s willingness to destroy it’s self, to the home of the wild things, ever free, ever in this place and time, mindful of all that life has to offer.

Thank You Bunny Rabbit!