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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Coming Out - Human

So today is National Coming Out day, across the nation individuals are being urged to state their truth in terms of sexual identity. This process has been helpful to thousands of individuals over many years. I however, have always had an inkling lurking in my mind that the focus on the gay/straight dialectic is only perpetuating a system of 'either or thinking'.

Labels help us organize our perceptions of the world; yet, these same labels also allow us to engage in short sighted and intellectually invalid categorization of individuals and groups. When we say an individual is Gay, Straight or Queer, for that matter, a whole set of assumptions are tied with the label.

Are we not limiting our selves and others by these labels? I think so.

As of today I will no longer identify as a straight man. I am human, I will love whom I choose, and I will not allow my choices in whom I choose to love to pigeonhole my beliefs, actions or expectations of self or others.

Gender Identity is a spectrum, it is time to let go of the dialectic and establish that sexuality is sacred no matter where you are on the spectrum. That we are each individuals that transcend our sexual interests, that who we sleep with says no more about our character than the brand of shoes we wear

That's  my rant for today!

Love to all