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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Being Fundamentally Flawed

Yes it is true, I consider myself an individual broken, fundamentally flawed in oh so many ways.  I am, I believe, just as the Goddess intended me to be.  For too long our wider society has emphasized the need for absolute competence, lack of insecurity and bold confident action.

For decades I have known this about my self. I have known that my failures belong to me alone.  With each defeat, I have had reinforced the secret knowledge that the outcome has been due to my own ignorance or laziness or feelings or fear, or, or, or. Yes I am flawed and it is in my flaws that my humanity is manifest. Now don’t think that I am succumbing to some monotheistic idea of the fallen nature of man. I believe I am a better person for my flaws, just as the Goddess intended me to be.

The Gods I follow are also flawed; many having engaged in the very behaviors that tend to create disasters in my personal life.  Gaia herself, is also flawed. With each natural disaster I respond to I witness the destruction of so much that is divinity manifest, so much beauty destroyed.

After reading the many recent posts in the community about why our community is so contentious, I wonder why so many expect that those who step forward to write or lead, be flawless, humanity removed?  How is it that we who profess to venerate deities who have very human flaws expect our community members to not reflect their humanity in statements, actions and thoughts?

Maybe, just maybe, it is time we added a dash of compassion, a teaspoon of empathy, a pinch of understanding and a large dose of reality to the cauldron of Pagan expectations and brew up a new more open and workable discourse in our community. A discussion that embraces our shared humanity as an expression of the Divine.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Back To Basics

Confined, discontented, infuriated at events, what is missing? How to overcome these feelings of melancholy? Action, a return to what I know and believe makes a difference at a personal level.

Today I will, venture out from these four walls that were constructed to shelter me from the very thing I worship.

Today I will, place my hands in the soil, work with the dirt to manifest something, no matter how small.

Today I will, engage the sacred I perceive in another person and have a discussion about all that is honorable in the world.

Today I will, celebrate what I have in common with all peoples of the Earth.

Today I will, view art as an attempt to emulate the beauty that is the Goddess expressed all around me.

Today I will, gaze at the sunset and revel in the radiance of Mother Earth.

Tonight I will, sit in the darkness and consider the mysteries of life.

Tonight I will, fall peacefully asleep because I have taken a day to rediscover the Goddess and the Divine in myself.

When I awake, I will remember what it means to be a Witch.