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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Teo Bishop, Authenticity And Pagan Drama

During a recent Samhain I honored and spoke to an individual who I consider a mentor.  On a cool winter night I remember having a conversation with him where he expressed to me his joy in having been a part of one of his students spiritual journey.  He called this individual “My best student of Wicca”.  Interested, I asked why I had not met this individual. It was then that he said something very profound to me.  He went on to say “she became a Buddhist”.  I of course asked how it is that his best student left Wicca, he replied;  “As a leader it is my job to assist others in finding their connection to divinity, not to lead them to accept mine”.

This principle has stuck with me ever since and I think is very relevant to recent discussions around Teo Bishop’s announcement about his urge to engage Christ as part of his spiritual journey.  Teo is my friend and I have always found his writing to be laced with authenticity, insight and self-disclosure. Frankly his urge to engage Christian concepts does not resonate with me personally. That being said, it has deep meaning for him and I would never put myself in the place of one who is willing to make judgments about another’s path.

Those who are taking issue with a well know Pagan identifying with a deity concept that comes from Christian roots are engaging in the very kind of dogma that we Pagans left monotheistic religions for in the first place. Teo has stated openly what is true in his heart; I applaud him, his decision, and his willingness to consider divinity in manifestations that transcend any dogma, including Pagan criticisms.

We Pagans proclaim loudly that we have personal relationships with divinity, yet when a perceived leader does not live up to our expectations many feel free to attack the individual as if their responsibility was to the community instead of authentic relationship with divinity.  It is time to take a good long hard look at our community and ask why we are so willing to turn on individuals who are sincerely seeking a connection with the divine when their chosen concept does not fit neatly into our pre conceived concept of what is acceptable under the Pagan umbrella.

It has also been saddening to witness individuals calling on the Wild Hunt to stop publishing posts from Teo Bishop. These calls illustrate a clear violation of the very principles that Jason has built The Wild Hunt upon. No one, not donors, not bloggers, nor BNP’s have the right to demand anything from this respected independent professional news organization.

If Teo continues on the path he has articulated we will all benefit from his exploration of Christo-Pagan belief. If, on the other hand,  he journeys deeply into the theology of Christianity, his posts will, with time, hold little interest for the larger Pagan community and he will move on to writing for an audience that is interested in his subject matter. It is not for anyone within our community to make such judgments with the exception of Teo and Jason in private discussion.

Lets make a concerted effort to show a little maturity, acknowledge the authenticity of Teo’s disclosure and support all those who seek connection with deity regardless of what they choose to call the divine. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gratitude And My Information Addiction-The Wild Hunt

Those of us who are old enough remember the days when obtaining information about Paganism featured a vigil, day after day; the excitement grew as we waited for our favorite publication to arrive. When the day arrived we would sit and drink from the cup of the blessed community; entranced by the sense that we were not alone in following our path.

While I have great respect for printed publications,  I am also an information addict. Within our community we have witnessed the emergence of a professional, consistent and ethical Pagan media. Part of my daily ritual has become checking in with The Wild Hunt, a media outlet at the forefront of providing information to our community.

Yes, I said ritual! When I think about The Wild Hunt and my interactions, both daily and reference inquiries, it becomes obvious to me that the site has become part of my magical practice. Here I find relevant information, the credible presented and explored and also that which represents hyperbole absent or critically examined.

As a Pagan Activist there is no more valuable resource than this site. How about you? How often do you read the Wild Hunt? Would you feel informed about the Pagan community in its’ absence?  Do you think, as I do, that it weaves the web of our community together?

It is my sincere hope that all Pagans will never have to suffer from the lack of information, both present and background, that past generations have. We as a community need to support this outstanding organization. Obviously, all this does not happen in a vacuum. It takes funds and committed people to make it happen. I urge you to support the Wild Hunt and its’ staff of professional writers. They represent the best of what our community is manifesting.

Please join in the effort to support this valuable community asset by donating to their fund raising drive at:

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Supporting Important Change- The Wild Hunt

As I read the announcement of the re-launch of the Wild Hunt I am struck with how important the new structure of the organization is to the future of sustainability for Pagans. If Jason is able to manifest an organization that rightly compensates those who contribute for their efforts on an ongoing basis, we all win.

Infrastructure is just that, the pillars, supports and trusses that we can build sustainable community upon. This is an important moment in our community. As a highly trusted organization turns to the community for support we have the opportunity to demonstrate to the world that Pagans are able to build and maintain the foundations necessary for future generations.

Please consider that each of us benefits from the service the Wild Hunt does and contribute. I believe this needs to be done by every Pagan who visits the Wild Hunt. The amount of contribution matters not, the statement and unified community action is what will make this a success for the entire community.

Join me in supporting this effort on an ongoing basis!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Libations, Conversation, Politics and Inevitable Controversy

PSG 2011 has been a great success despite rain and cool temperatures. Rituals have had great meaning, evoking tears from some, conversations abound that warm the heart and Pagan organizations have taken the opportunity to engage in networking that will surly benefit the entire Pagan community.

With a plethora of opportunities to attend workshops, rituals, and discussions there is much to choose from. Leaders from Circle Sanctuary, Witch School, Firefly House, Pagan Educational Network, Lady Liberty League, Covenant of the Goddess and many other organizations have participated in discussions about the growing trend toward Pagan Unity that seems to be sweeping the community. With many other subjects also being discussed PSG seems to be a great venue for discussing the future of Paganism. Here Pagans feel at home, safe and able to express themselves in perfect love and perfect trust.

Wednesday night it was my privilege to attend a 6 course Symposia dinner hosted by Cara Schultz of PNC Minnesota. All who attended enjoyed libations, hilarity and great food. Guests included Kathryn Hinds, Nels Linde, Judy Olson, Star Foster, Patrick McCollum, Selena Fox, others and myself. It was especially refreshing to spend some down time with this group of hard working people and get to know the real people behind the public personas.

With all this great progress it is unfortunate that some issues do arise at community events that confound expectations. When these things happen it is important to view those involved with compassion and understanding. It is my hope that the community will find in its heart to gain insight into Jason’s actions at PSG prior to jumping to conclusions. This individual does after all write one of the most influential Pagan blogs.

That is all for this update from PSG!