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Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Very Merry Christmas, Pagans Included!

In Denver the gray clouds are rolling in, there is a calm preceding the impending storm.  At my in-laws home all is draped in the festive colors of the season. Voices are seemingly hushed in deference to the holiday.  Aromas swirl around me as we prepare for the coming meal.  The faces of extended family yet to arrive manifest an inner smile.  I am comforted in my memories of holidays past.  There are a plethora of sweat emotional visions that emerge from my unconscious, I am awash in the tradition of my ancestors and I find myself in the Christmas Sprit.

Yes, I am through and through a Pagan, yet in this day,  I find a spiritual silence and inner calm that emerges at no other time of the year.  A brief trip to the gas station reminds me of the absence of the bustle of everyday life.  On empty streets the few cars move with suppressed urgency as if the occupants are moving towards the sure embrace of love, joy and peace.

If it is the energy of the Christians’ Christ that manages to urge our culture to suspend the mad rush that is life; then I am grateful to their Christ beyond words.  The sense that humanity is taking a day off from all the conflict, debate and turmoil comforts me; It enriches me with the hope that one day the blessed people of the earth will come together and evolve past the lines that divide us.

So today, I am grateful for my Christian friends who welcome me as I participate in the spirit of the day. The spiritual energy of millions focused on family, joy and love cannot be ignored.  While our beliefs differ I am in awe of the peaceful energy raised on this day.

So yes I am wishing you a merry Christmas and inviting all my Pagan friends to bathe in the spirit of your holiday, we are blessed!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Peace and Abolishing "The Other"

Peace, it’s a word that has been redefined over the centuries to meet the needs of the cultures that seek it.  Peace through strength, peace through protest, peace through conquest, and peace through the struggle to compromise have each had multiple turns upon the world stage.

Inner peace has been sought through retreat, meditation, visualization, the quest for insight and service. All worthy pursuits that add to the totality of the human experience.

Peace in our time, however, depends on an inner journey that confronts the closely held beliefs, privilege and prejudices that permeate the human condition. Directly stated, peace depends upon the individual human potential to abolish the concept of "the other” from our daily lives.

Until the day comes, for each of us, that there is no individual beyond deserving respect, human dignity and a voice in their own destiny there will be no peace in our hearts, in our society or upon the face of Gaia herself.  Sounds like a simple process to achieve such a lofty goal doesn’t it?  Not really, for each of us there are those beyond being acceptable in our society.  What I am referring to is not simply the political, religious and socio economic divides that separate us but something deeper.  It is confronting the idea of “the other” in the most extreme ways. Coming to a place where the most heinous of criminals, terrorists, religious fanatics and bigots are seen as a part of the greater whole, fully human, deserving of human dignity and engagement in social discourse.

Peace dies a violent death when discourse is shoved asunder in favor of judgment.  Wide abscesses are created that fester and manifest hatred, isolationism, and entitlement.  Our human need to consistently classify, sort and establish boundaries in our application of compassion is a sickness that has infected the entire human race.

So today, I call on you my readers, to begin the inner journey to peace.  Learn to value all human life, even those lives that are dedicated to opposition to your way of life and personal ethics.  We can embrace and value the humanity of the individual without approving of their actions, thoughts, or ideas.

 Set the example; see those who oppose you as people with dreams, aspirations, families and hopes of their own. Focus on our commonalities rather than what separates us.

Join me in laying the bricks of compassion along the road to peace, one brick at a time.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cheyenne Mountain, Where Bunnies Replace Bombs.

Awakened by warm sunlight, morning coffee was the order of the day.  Coffee in hand, I stepped out side to enjoy the dawning of a new day at Cheyenne Mountain State Park. As I gazed at the mountain I began contemplating its history.

For decades the mountain has housed a military facility critical to our nations defense strategy.  Here, officers of our military have maintained a watch on the world’s nuclear capacity. It seemed strangely appropriate that there was a dark cloud hanging over the mountain, sunny skies to both sides. The mountain seemed forbidding, in my subconscious sinister.

While considering all of this, I looked up to see a young bunny rabbit approach, unafraid. He hopped right up and sat looking at me. I felt blessed, brought back to the moment. Instantly I was mindful of the beautiful day and all the blessings of being able to enjoy life.

It was quite a dichotomy, my mind jumping from the possibility of world destruction to the profound pleasure of experiencing nature close up. There was a lesion in mindfulness for me. Our world, for so long obsessed with obtaining security, could learn much from this fearless bunny rabbit.

Live in today, take joy from life and remain grounded in the knowledge that stunning diversity and abundance surrounds us. Being obsessed with security only feeds the monster that saps our vigor for life and manifests the very thing that prevents the reality of peace in our time.

This mountain, ever present, has transformed in my mind from tragic symbol of man’s willingness to destroy it’s self, to the home of the wild things, ever free, ever in this place and time, mindful of all that life has to offer.

Thank You Bunny Rabbit!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Welcome Home! PSG 2011

Welcome Home! PSG 2011

Cheerful reframe of “Welcome home” greeted me as I arrived at this years PSG. Suddenly immersed in a community of tolerance, open mindedness, joy and a sense of family I find my self struggling to keep up with the shift in paradigms. Smiles are sincere; hugs are warm and friends new and old envelope me in a cocoon of perfect love and perfect trust.

This community, temporary as it is, provides a living example of how humanity can achieve a truly peaceful and pluralistic way of living. Yes, some would rightfully point out that if the community were more long term many issues would arise. But please, just for this week, lets focus on all that is well with this Pagan microcosm of humanity.

Long conversations with members of the community have brought me peace, respite and retreat from the world of disasters that I generally inhabit this time of year. The dichotomy is intense, one day addressing the needs of thousands of fire fighters and just two days later enveloped in a safe community that feeds my spirit. I cannot think of two more different worlds.

Sleep comes and it is the sleep of the content. My eyes open not to new challenges but new possibilities, friendships and truly profound insights into my love for this community.

My heart at rest, I wish you also the opportunity to find your home, your place of belonging, your tribe.

In Gratitude to the Goddess and her children.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Ten Headlines We Would Like to Read in 2011

From the AP:
White House names a well-known Gay activist with ties to the Neo Pagan community as new Secretary of Defense.

In an unexpected move the President announced the appointment of prominent Gay and Wiccan activist…

From The Wild Hunt:
Camp Zoe saved by the Gates Foundation

As part of a New Years resolution a senior executive with the Gates Foundation held a press conference yesterday where he embraced his long held Pagan beliefs and made commitments to purchase Camp ZoĆ« and fund its operation as a Pagan nature center. The executive went on to embrace funding environmental…

From the International Herald:
Entire World Signs Declaration of Peace

Yesterday the U.N. voted to approve the Universal Declaration of Peace written by a noted Pagan activist. Around the world countries have begun to dismantle weapons systems at an…

From the Christian Science Monitor:
World Hunger Ends

After years of research seeking solutions to hunger, scientists today admitted that the issue has been solved not by science but by an unprecedented outpouring of compassion by everyday citizens and…

From News of the Weird:
Prominent Arizona Senator announces he is Gay

In a tearful apology to the LGBT community Arizona’s senior Senator embraced his sexuality today. Members of the LGBT community were left speechless when…

From The Wall Street Journal:
Violence Against Women Disappears

Social scientists are unable to explain the sudden disappearance of violent acts against women. Questions as to whether a recent world wide ritual to end domestic violence could have caused this shift in behavior were met with blank stares and…

From the Sierra Club:
Global Warming Stopped Cold

Last years G-20 agreement to cut global emissions by 60% effective immediately has resulted in a significant climate impact. Scientists are observing a stabilization of global temperatures and are…

From The Huffington Post:
Hate Groups Fade into History

The Southern Poverty Law Center yesterday announced significant staffing reductions as a result of a 99% decrease in hate groups in the United States. Center staffers are unable to explain…

From the BBC:
New Secretary General at the U.N.

Members of the U.N. General Assembly elected Nobel Peace Prize winner Rev. McCollum as their Secretary General. The Reverend’s first action was to redesign the U.N. meeting spaces into circles…

From the International Interfaith News:
Evangelicals Join Interfaith Effort

In a surprising development thousands of evangelical churches have removed their pastors and replaced them with individuals who have signed a document committing to tolerance, inclusiveness, and environmental action. These new Pastors cite Christ as an example of compassion and understanding for the….

Think Big in 2011