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Monday, December 3, 2012

Embracing Wal-Mart Pagans

Often, I am taken by surprise when Pagans begin to take the moral high ground in their interactions with other Pagans. Political correctness assaults and victimizes ever more members of our community and as a community we sit in silence, crossing our fingers, that we will not be the next individual to “slip up” and speak plainly.

The victimizing is not intentional, it is the result of the false belief that others “should” believe as we do. In a lot of ways Paganism has a lot of growing to do before we truly learn to work cooperatively.

Personally I have friends who shop at Wal-Mart, support the death penalty, work for Monsanto, support Republicans, think the use of military force is a great way to establish democracy and support cracking down on pot smokers.  As a product of the counter culture revolution I find these beliefs and actions to conflict with my personal beliefs. I DO NOT, however, find the individuals holding them lacking in humanity or Pagan conviction.

As a Pagan I am growing alarmed at the tendency of our community to engage in the very tactics that have been used in the suppression of our beliefs: namely establishing those who disagree as ‘the other, separate and apart from Paganism”.

I have seen the language of opposing privilege used to stifle all debate and label individuals who have differing views.  Even more insidious is the intellectually dishonest tactic of claiming “what you are saying or what you mean is” Such statements would not survive in a Junior High debate class, yet they are routinely used in debate in our community. I have seen supporters of all sorts of causes claim that to not join them is tantamount to supporting those who they are opposing.

When I was a boy my father taught me to “Say what I mean and mean what I say” I attempt to live by this, does it make me politically correct? no, it makes me direct,  which some people consider rude or being an A@#$*, or “not listening”; because if I was really listening I would agree.

I will work for peace in our time and I will have friends who are in the military. I will not shop at big box stores and I will continue to have friends who do. I will oppose the death penalty and still have dinner with those who support it, I will refuse to buy Monsanto products and still hold dear my friend who works there.  Frankly, taking the so-called “Moral high ground” and labeling others is divisive and demonstrates a lack of compassion.

There are many worthy causes in our time. You have those you believe in and I have those I believe in, yet we are both of the GODDESS, both perfect just as we are.  I will continue to inform others of what I think is important, but I will not join in and label those who disagree as my enemy, they are my sisters and brothers. I love all the Pagans, Wal-Mart Pagans included.