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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Poverty and the Pagan Priestess

This is story that is long overdue in being told. Imagine with me for a moment that you are a Princeton educated PhD, have a long tradition of being the guiding force behind a well known Pagan music group, that you have a great home, great job teaching at a college and a wonderful warm community of sisters and brothers to share your life with.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

Now imagine that your faith and desire to serve the Goddess leads you to give it all up, pack your stuff, join the Peace Corps and move to the impoverished high Andes of Peru. What an outstanding example of faith in action you would be.

No imagination necessary, this is the Story of my friend Alane Brown, blogger, writer of songs and long time member of the Crow Women in Durango Colorado. Her commitment, courage and willingness to sacrifice the fruits of a life well lived leave me in awe.

Alane is a wise woman, her efforts in Peru are not focused on providing aid but on integrating the unique Inca history, environmental beauty and spiritual history of the high Andes in manifesting economic activity that will make a meaningful difference in the community she serves.  I live vicariously through her; she is my Hero!

Alane has launched an effort to bring environmental tourism to the community she serves and has established a donation page to get the project up and running. I urge all individual Pagans and Pagan organizations to support this effort. We as a community loudly proclaim our beliefs in service, environmentally responsible action and manifesting deity in our personal actions. Well here in an example of someone doing exactly that in the extreme and it is time for us to put our money where our mouth is. Give a little or give a lot, it matters not. There is Magik afoot and Alane Brown is manifesting it with on the ground efforts to serve humanity and divinity.

I urge you to share this information on every page you are a member of, show that as a community we support those who are willing live a life of service and participate in bringing hope to the community Alane serves.

For more information on this project go to:

As a community let’s “walk our talk” and support this Pagan making a difference in the world.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pagan Service Leadership, A Transformative Approach

The national Pagan community is undergoing a rapid transformation from fragmented, unorganized and unilateral action to a more focused approach to the challenges that face the community. Recent events like the unified response to discrimination in Georgia make it clear that the future of our actions will be cooperative in nature.

This new model of “Transformative Pagan Service Leadership” presents an opportunity for the community to achieve substantial progress in the pursuit of Pagan rights. It also will present some challenges for the community leaders involved. Suddenly activists are mindful that it is collective effort that presents the best possibility of effectiveness.

So what will be required to nurture this new ‘Transformative Leadership' model? First we must continue to encourage organizations to rise above self-interest for the good of the collective community. Second we need to assist established organizations in understanding the need for change. Finally, investing our community with a sense of urgency when action is needed.

If we set some clear goals in pursuit of weaving this web of cooperative action future efforts will be more focused and effective. A short list of goals could include:

• Transform the nature of Pagan service projects from process oriented to an outcome based system.

• Systematically harness, recognize and manage knowledge, skills and abilities among activists.

• Encourage organizations to view accomplishments as community wide rather than proprietary in nature.

• Establish organizational funding for collective action in response to community events.

For successful Pagan activism to occur, it requires strategic application that fuels support for vision and strategy by empowering and inspiring others. This model of “Transformative Service Leadership” ultimately requires that the community focuses on the results not the individuals involved.

Are we ready to let go of organizational pride, individual accolades and old rivalries? If we intend to be successful in serving our community we will have to be!

Peter Dybing