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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Disrespectful Expletives!

Sometimes something sticks in my craw. Lately it is the use of foul, vulgar and abusive language in titles, posts and social media posts. I know that some claim that the freedom to use such language is freeing, even empowering to them. This argument holds little weight, as I am one of many who intentionally do not read or engage with images, posts or statements framed with vulgar language.

It seems strange that those wishing to make, what are often interesting and relevant contributions to a discussion, would frame their opinions in such a way as to alienate some of the very readers they wish to communicate to.

As a community have we come to a place where intelligent, polite and contentious debate cannot happen without such expressions that have no inherent meaning to the discussion at hand? 

These musings are not coming from someone who never engages in swearing, certainly when in pain or surprised my language choices stray to offensive words..  What I am addressing, however. is the intentional use of such words to gain attention. Somewhere in the back of my mind I suspect that those who engage in such writing feel their writing will not receive the attention it deserves unless they have the shock value of meaningless and disrespectful expletives.

So that is my Old Guy rant for today. What do you think?

In Service to the Goddess,