Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spiritual Healing and Prophecy Rock

Black Ogre's Uncle

There is an undeniable pulling of my heartstrings that goes unnamed as time passes. As these strings are pulled I am drawn to the realization that I am in need of healing, re evaluation and centering.  With ever more force the yearning to take action, delve deep and manifest healing upon this unnamed affliction overwhelms me.

This is an internal call to spiritual healing, as every day life encroaches upon my spiritual center I find my self out of balance, seeking the sour fruits of the corporeal world instead of the sweet and satisfying harvests of service, meditation and worship. This is about personal Magik, healing Magik that transcends the abilities of the rational mind to heal its self.

When I find myself in this situation I return to a basic truth in life. When adrift, lost or wondering return to where you started. Such an approach always brings clarity, spiritual healing and grounding. For me returning to the place I started means returning to the place of my spiritual birth.  As a young man I was first touched by divinity when I randomly engaged in a short prayer at Prophecy Rock in the Hopi Lands.

 Prophecy Rock At Hopi
Image from the Internet, I take no Photos at Hopi

My heart remembers well the experience of being touched by the divine, overwhelming beauty, warmth that spread from deep within my heart and a sense of awe as I gazed upon creation.

Recently I returned to the Hopi Lands and spent time praying at Prophecy Rock. There are no words for the sense of wholeness and interconnectedness this experience brought me.  My journey into divinity featured some of the most awe inspiring vistas, a sunset over the Hopi Lands that would drive an atheist to belief in the divine and a passionate reminder of the power of magik in my life.

Hopi is a special place to awake in the morning, following Hopi tradition I stepped outside to greet the sun rise, welcoming the Sun King, I decided to call the directions and establish my actions on this journey as wholly conducted with in sacred space.  As I turned and spoke the word AIR, a huge whirlwind engulfed me out of seemingly nowhere; I was blessed with new breath, new insight and the deep knowledge that my journey would provide a bounty of insight and self-healing.

Over the years I have learned many spiritual principles, yet it is this most basic lesson of beginning again at the beginning that has so often brought me into contact with divinity.  Home again I am blessed with divine insight, nothing profound for the world, but even more important transformative for myself.

Where ever your spiritual birthplace, if you are feeling adrift upon your path, I would urge you to return to the beginning, reengage divinity in the simplest of terms, open to what she has in store for you.

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Kari Sue Tornow said...

This is lovely, Peter. It took me a bit to come to the realization that I am always healing, it doesn't mean I continue to be wounded or a victim but that I am continuing on my path to be the most special I can be and to be of the greatest service to Goddess.

(Hopefully, this will come through as KareIsis but who knows what account Goggle will log me into this time!!!)

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