Sunday, March 30, 2014

Old White Guys, Sex and Beautiful Women

It is tempting to give into the idea, sold daily by our culture, that we as “Old White Guys” are still attractive to young gorgeous women. We are repeatedly subjected to the narrative that our status, our money, our influence, our “handsome” graying temples transcend what the mirror makes obvious.

These cultural messages tempt us to engage in beliefs that support the idea that “power over” relationships are acceptable. They are not! As we grow older we have a place of privilege in our culture. By consequence of our birth we have achieved the stereotype of the wise mature man. One only needs to listen to conversations among “mature” white males to understand that the pre conception is flawed.

Frankly, those who engage in these power over relationships, based on wealth, status or influence perpetuate their privilege and support the subjugation of women. Even worse they reinforce the idea that societal power and status is an appropriate currency to purchase sexual relationships. Such actions contribute greatly to rape culture in our communities.

The messages sent to young men are that women are objects to be possessed by those who are successful or influential. Confronting our own privilege means standing up and proclaiming that such power based relationships are not acceptable in our communities.

Images of powerful men 60+ with women in their twenties are celebrated as examples of virility when in fact they represent delusional emotional immaturity bolstered by the willingness to believe that the possession of power transcends ethical behavior. It is time to stop sending the next generation the message that the “possession” of women is acceptable.

Today I call on my fellow “Old White Guys” to confront these beliefs when you witness them in our collective communities. They represent an abuse of power, a perpetuation of un earned privilege and a disregard of the fundamental human rights of women.

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