Monday, November 11, 2013

Dear Pagans, I Am Challenging You!

Hear is the challenge. I ask that every individual identifying as part of our community do the following things.

1.     Select a relief organization that is doing work in the Philippines and donate what you can.

2.     Post a link to the organization and call on everyone you know to take a similar action.

3.     When the disaster fades from the news show support for the idea of a Pagan lead disaster
         relief organization.

I have never directly asked you to share my blog posts. Today I am, please share this challenge far and wide.

I donated!


  1. As a Pagan from the Philippines, I thank you from the deepest regions of my heart!

  2. Since china only gave 100,000 US a real effort by pagans could possible out do a major nation.

  3. Challenge accepted! :D


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