Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gratitude And My Information Addiction-The Wild Hunt

Those of us who are old enough remember the days when obtaining information about Paganism featured a vigil, day after day; the excitement grew as we waited for our favorite publication to arrive. When the day arrived we would sit and drink from the cup of the blessed community; entranced by the sense that we were not alone in following our path.

While I have great respect for printed publications,  I am also an information addict. Within our community we have witnessed the emergence of a professional, consistent and ethical Pagan media. Part of my daily ritual has become checking in with The Wild Hunt, a media outlet at the forefront of providing information to our community.

Yes, I said ritual! When I think about The Wild Hunt and my interactions, both daily and reference inquiries, it becomes obvious to me that the site has become part of my magical practice. Here I find relevant information, the credible presented and explored and also that which represents hyperbole absent or critically examined.

As a Pagan Activist there is no more valuable resource than this site. How about you? How often do you read the Wild Hunt? Would you feel informed about the Pagan community in its’ absence?  Do you think, as I do, that it weaves the web of our community together?

It is my sincere hope that all Pagans will never have to suffer from the lack of information, both present and background, that past generations have. We as a community need to support this outstanding organization. Obviously, all this does not happen in a vacuum. It takes funds and committed people to make it happen. I urge you to support the Wild Hunt and its’ staff of professional writers. They represent the best of what our community is manifesting.

Please join in the effort to support this valuable community asset by donating to their fund raising drive at:

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