Monday, December 31, 2012

Jumping Off The Cliff Of World Peace

Today I am surfing the Internet prompted to thinking about the big themes of world peace, social justice, community building and personal growth. Each year millions make resolutions to bring about change both personal and global. Each year we make these promises in the face of little change over the past year. Such statements are certainly a testament to human optimism.

What all this has me wondering is what are the real results of making resolutions?  Is there intrinsic value in these proclamations? Or are we simply engaging in nurturing our sense of hope, enriching our spirits with the idea of a brighter tomorrow?

Further how can I, or we, harness this worldwide expression of powerful intent into a source of real progress in our evolution as a species of peace, tolerance, understanding and compassion? As usual I am faced with more questions than answers.

One thing I do know is terms like ‘world peace ‘ mean little as gargantuan goals. It makes sense to deconstruct such goals, identify what we can have an influence over as individuals and identify those elements that will require cooperative action.

If we take this example of world peace, it would seem obvious that in order to participate in broader efforts I, or we, must first adopt the language of peace, removing violence from our language.  Examine if we have removed tactics and word uses that come from our “power over” culture.

To often, it has been my choice to engage in some grand cause before doing the self-reflection, and personal work required to become a real agent of change in a cooperative effort.

So for this year, I resolve to bring change first to self, engage in community and determine if I have the skills and knowledge to engage in global efforts before I commit.

. When ready I will jump, but not before.

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