Saturday, November 3, 2012

From The Disaster Zone

Journey There

In many ways driving to an event like this is encouraging, along the road I passed at least 400 power repair trucks all headed to the disaster zone. On the other hand I also passed dozens of trucks packed with construction supplies; all of them with no company markings. This I have seen before; unlicensed contractors journeying to a disaster zone to take advantage of a deteriorating situation,

The Zone

On my way in I traveled through Brooklyn, Flat Bush, Queens and Staten Island.  It was surreal to see these communities without power, subway’s broken and traffic jams beyond what is conceivable. At one point I sat in traffic for three hours without moving an inch. New York City remains paralyzed in the grip of its ongoing misery.

Disaster Operations

As new missions evolve and priorities change the mission of my team keeps changing. Primarily we are clearing roads of downed trees so relief supplies and emergency vehicles can get through. The devastation is complete along the shore on Long Island. Thousands of cars along with hundreds of homes lie buried in the sand.


Most heart breaking of all is the evacuee’s staying in the same place as the disaster teams. Their stories of hardship and loss have brought me to tears on multiple occasions. Hardest of all is remaining focused on our mission and not assisting the evacuees with issues outside our assignment.  My heart breaks for these families.

The Latest

Word has come that our team will be moved closer to the city where the needs are greater, time for an adjusted plan, more later

From the Disaster Zone

Our teams can only do so much. Please support the Solar Cross effort to raise funds for the victims of this tragedy.  You can donate at:

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