Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pagan Road Trip – 365 Days Riding With A Goddess

Pagan Road Trip – 365 Days Riding With A Goddess

Over the last year as First Officer for Covenant of the Goddess I learned much, became aware of many issues within the Pagan community and made many new friends. This experience has led me to a desire to get to know the wider Pagan community better. With this in mind it is my plan to travel the nation in 2012 and meet as many members of the community as I can. As I do this I have some specific goals in mind.

As First Officer Emeritus of CoG, it is my intent to gather the views of as many CoG members as possible and share them with the National Board. I have learned is there is a large body of the membership that does not attend Grand Council and I would be pleased to serve as a conduit for their voices.

As National President for Officers of Avalon it is my intent to spread the message far and wide that Pagan First Responders are there for the community. Specifically, the subject of establishing Standard Operating Procedures for First Responders in service at Pagan events interests me. It is my hope to host discussions on this issue.

Currently I am in the process of developing presentations on a number of other Pagan subjects to include:

Transformative Pagan Leadership

Pagans and Disaster Response, a new model.

Pagan fund raising and social networks

Honoring our Elders while leaving the drama behind.

Tentatively the plan is to offer my services as a panel facilitator on these subjects and also individual presentations. My interest ranges from small group discussions to large festival presentations. Obviously I will be seeking established voices in the community to join me in these efforts.


An undertaking such as this takes considerable time and expense. Over the last few months I have transitioned from homeowner in the Virgin Islands to RV owner on a shoestring budget. Along the way I intend to teach some CPR classes, help my partner vend her hand made jewelry and generally do odd jobs. So if you need cheep labor feel free to let me know. (Labor that gets my hands in the dirt is preferred)

As I spend this year in Service to the Goddess it is my hope to in some small way make a difference in our community, our country, our world. Please Join me and speak up, reach out, and participate in the evolution of our community.

In Her Service,

Peter Dybing

PS: Friends the more widely this information is shared, the more successful the trip will be!

Thank You and blessings


HR Mitchell said...

Peter, if your travels bring you to the Puget Sound area, let me know.

David Salisbury said...

How exciting! We're in the last little bits of our CoG review so if we get accepted, you'll have reason to visit DC!
Btw how can we donate to your trip?

Anonymous said...

Hey Peter, if your travels take you North of the border (Canada) let me know :)

Elizabeth McNally

Rhi Denissen said...

We'd be more than happy to host you in Northern New Mexico! You can feed the chickens, dig in the garden and visit the hot springs across the street!

Pagan Chaplain said...

Glad to see you looking at Pagan disaster response. Your efforts at pulling us together for coordinated efforts are very important to our future as a whole. Thank you!

Have you considered stopping at CUUPS groups as you travel? Also, will you be tweeting the trip?

Angela Raincatcher said...

If you find yourself in and around Maryland/Baltimore, our house is open.

Cat said...

Should you be in So-Cal let me know.

Pagan In Paradise said...

David, no current set up for donitions, I envision some support coming in in terms of travel costs

Pagan Chaplain, Yes I intend to contact CUPPS!

Christa Landon said...

I'd like to connect with you.

If you will be passing through Minneapolis/St.Paul, I have a place for you to park, 6,000' of new garden, and a classroom space.

If you have texts (or audio) of your talks, I could edit them into articles for publication at Pagan Institute.

I'm also on the CUUPS Board.

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