Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Pagan request for help in Haiti

Wounded by the sheer volume of human suffering my heart has yet to recover from the sights and sounds of Haiti after the quake. Over the past many months I have been involved with an organization known as 100% for Haiti. Yes, there is an organization that spends all of its funds assisting the children of Haiti. No this organization has no paid staff outside of Haiti, why would we? Haiti is where our efforts are focused.

With the major NGO’s still hoarding in reserve tens of millions given to help the people of Haiti it is the small community based organizations that are making a difference today.

In the small village of Morne Tapion the events of January 12, 2010 were devastating. Suddenly a community already on the brink of a disaster driven by hunger, lack of medical care and poor sanitation was striped of its only community asset, their school, now a pile of rubble.

Out of the rubble has risen a Phoenix of compassion and hard work. Artists in Saint Croix U.S. Virgin Islands banded together and held an action to benefit the community and 100% for Haiti was born. Over the last 20 months much has improved. We have constructed a school of ply wood, purchased tables, hired teachers, built facilities, provided meals to the children and even have began to insure the kids get some medical attention. All accomplished with a pluralistic humanitarian intent.

Last year we had 170 children in our school. Today there are more than 310 students. Hope is returning to Morne Tapion, children smile and mothers can envision their children having a better life.

Big events have hit this community, a plywood school, the communities first flush toilet, some nutrition assistance, minimal medical care. These are the building blocks of a healthy community.

Some may wonder how all this has been accomplished? Do we have unlimited funds like the big NGO’s? No in fact 100% for Haiti struggles along on a budget of $1,000.00 per month. Yet, today the world has turned its eyes from Haiti, appeals for funds go unanswered while millions of dollars sit unused in the accounts of Major NGO’s. With an additional 140 students in our school this year we are stretched beyond our capabilities.

Members of the Pagan community have proved they are generous when called upon to make a difference.

Today I am placing the call. Can you please support this worthy effort? We are not seeking large sums of money. It is in fact our small size that makes us so effective. We have no fancy fundraising materials, no adopt-a-child program, no tear jerking commercials, only real people making a difference with what little we have. Please consider joining us, committing to give a little in support of this effort. If you find that you can not commit funds to this effort, please forward this to others who may be able to assist.

For more information of this effort visit us at


Or to make a direct donation:

Please make checks to St Croix Foundation, with 100% for Haiti in subject line.

Mail to: 1023 Market Street, Christiansted, St Croix, VI 00820

In Service to the Goddess

Peter Dybing

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