Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Open Letter to the President

Dear Mr. President,

What happened to you? Today this country sits on the precipice of great change. Citizens are protesting. Legislation is pending that holds the potential to strip Americans of their rights and you remain silent.

Tens of thousands of Americans are engaging in protest around this country and there is no response from the White House. Local governments are using nuisance laws to suppress First Amendment rights. From the women’s suffrage movement to the civil rights protests there is a long history of those who oppose freedom using such laws to suppress free speech. So where is the community organizer, who fought for the rights of individuals, that we elected?

What happened to you Mr. President?

Our Congress is considering laws that will give sweeping powers to the military. This legislation, as written, will not prohibit these powers from being used internally against Americans. The military establishment says that this is not the intent of the legislation, yet we all remember Janet Reno telling Americans that forfeiture laws were only for “drug lords” like “Ortega”. Today these laws are used to confiscate the possessions of those convicted of even minor drug offenses. Government will abuse its’ authority if given the opportunity. Where is the great orator we elected who spoke to the nation about individual liberty?

What happened to you Mr. President?

There is also pending legislation that would empower the government to exert control over the Internet. These powers could eventually include censorship of internet content and the ability to “shut down” parts of this bastion of free speech. Where is the candidate who engaged with Americans and promoted freedom of expression? Again I ask,

What happened to you Mr. President?

The hard won rights of women are under assault by extremists who wish to return to a time when men mandated the actions of women. Yet when these draconian proposals are made there is a deafening silence from the administration. Where is the individual who eloquently established his support for the rights of women, people of color and members of the LGBT community as he campaigned around the country?

What did happen to you Mr. President?

Are you so encased in the world of lobbyists, political pendants and pollsters that you have lost the very humanity that served you so well in the past? I urge you come out of the White House, speak to protesters, publicly address legislation that threatens the rights of Americans, support those under attack from the majority and most of all return to being the man we all so respected for his incredible ability to articulate the dreams and aspirations of average Americans.

What happened to you Mr. President?

Peter Dybing
A Citizen


Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is the only answer... you may not like all he has to say but he will protect your freedom better than any of the other Candidates. if you thought that Obama was going o be Change then I feel sorry for you. I knew that he would not be change!

HR Mitchell said...

Thank you, Peter.

Anonymous, Ron Paul is far from the answer, but if he has your vote, fine; just be to actually vote when it's time.

Dreamer96 said...

I 100% agree HR Mitchell. Ron Paul is nothing more than another corporate cheerleader. Y do people not see that? He wants to abolish social programs & taxes. That would seal our doom for sure. Obama will be re-elected (come back & read this next year for proof). So keep writing him!

Snoozepossum said...

Peter, again, thou rockest! (bows)

One one hand, I agree with you. Lemme do a point by point here just for clarity:

1) I think Obama & Peeps inherited a horrendous mess that was never going to be fixable in a few years

2) I think most efforts to clean up any of it have been made all but impossible by the pathetisad farce that is currently masquerading as our Congress.

3) I tend to put most of the blame for #2 at the feet of the Rabid Rerto Right neo-con contingent, but fault also lies with the rest for letting extremist tantrum throwing brats get their way.

4) The only charitable thing I can hand Obama's admin is the possibility that they went for an over-moderate, over co-operative approach hoping people would act like reasonable adults instead of a junior high cheerleader "it girl" clique.

5) All things in moderation, including moderation. Moderation has not worked, because for it to work there must be moderation on all sides. There has to be a stance that draws a line without lapsing into counter-extremism.

6)At this point, I don't think it'll matter even if they do find that stance. The Brat Pack are intent on war, and operating in "we had to destroy the village to save it" mode.

PS - I'm Pagan and female. I do not trust Ron Paul to not let the Teahadists run the Oval office.

raych said...

I agree with snoozepossum on pretty much everything she said. I voted for Obama and I likely will again. I voted for him because I felt he was the candidate who most closely aligned with my political beliefs.

What worried me in 2008 was that so many people seemed to ascribe mystical powers to his election. It was like people on the left expected that all of the problems would be erased with a magical wand. I knew it was going to be a lot harder than that, and that people were likely to be disappointed. I worried about what the backlash would happen when Obama single-handedly couldn't fundamentally change our political system in one year, let alone four.

Neal Jansons said...

I'll tell you what happened: he won. No one who ever gets the opportunity to run isn't already bought and paid for. They all come from a class of people that benefit from things being this way, they have no accountability in any real way, and they know that all they have to do is put out the right propaganda to make sure no one really does anything about it.

So long as we keep allowing the rich and powerful to run the government by being the government, none of this will change. It doesn't matter what positions they claim to hold, the real position is the same for all of them...stay rich and stay powerful by any means necessary. When that means exploiting this county's workers, they will do that. When that means torture, illegal wars, and war crimes, they will do that to.

Until you get this class of people out of government, none of this will change. The great experiment of the US has failed because it created a system where the only allowable motivation is greed and the people most likely to abuse their positions are the ones most likely to get into office.

Until I can elect my neighbor to be president and have him actually have a chance of winning, we do not have a free, equal country...we have a country where we have been tricked into mouthing platitudes while the rich and powerful screw us. Until we address this issue nothing will change.

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