Saturday, July 23, 2011

Time to Point the Finger

Over the past few years we have witnessed dozens of examples in the mainstream media of attempts to brand our community as the “other” different and apart from society. Generally these issues arise when an individual who has some form of a Pagan or Wiccan connection is arrested for some misdeed. Many writers in our community rightfully point out that the so called ‘Pagan connection” is tenuous at best and is an attempt to brand an entire community with the deeds of a single individual.

Fast-forward to today, Pagans are posting and reposting links that identify Anders Breivik, the suspect in the Norway attacks as a right wing fundamentalist Christian extremist. After scanning dozens of news stories about this individual I can find no "Christian" link. No mention of a church, religious group etc.

Are we not engaging in the same form of behavior that has been used to brand our community for so long? Do we as a community really need to engage in the kind of behavior that we so abhor?

Yes this individual’s act is below contempt. Yes it is fair to point out his extremist right-wing political leanings. After all, extremists of any persuasion are threats to us all. Yet, to brand him as a Christian is unfair to the millions of peace loving people around the world who follow the Christian faith.

Is this an opportunity to look at our community? Food for Thought


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh humanity, How I loath thee.
The first to point, The first to blame
And alwase shocked when
The other is the same as me.

pardon the lousy verse, But thats all the tendancys of people merits today.

Morgan said...

Time will out. I know we've complained about the press identifying pagans in relation to their crimes but being nearly silent when the same types of crimes are committed by Christians.

SpiritDancer said...

I learned a long time ago...there are bad people everywhere from all walks of life. And no it is not fair to brand a whole community (no matter what community they are in) off of one person. You may as well just say all humans are bad because of the one...just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

good point i just pulled the story from the Daily Spell page thanks peter i hadn't thought of it that way

Not Hannah said...

I was in total agreement with you--I loathe knee-jerk, anti-Christian reactions to atrocities like this. However, if you can stand it, you should check out this man's manifesto. The anti-Islam and progressive mindset does seem entrenched in Christianity, specifically a "cultural" Christianity. (Christians born in Europe seem to be an ethnic group in his mind.)

It's a hard read, to be sure, and Breivik is clearly insane, but there's no doubt that he considers himself a Christian soldier out to eliminate Islam and the progressive mindset in Europe that allows the immigration of Islamic people to European countries.

Here's the link:

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