Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pagan Japan Relief Project Press Release

As of Thursday March 17 at 5:00p.m. The fundraising effort has raised $17,100.00 in roughly four days. There have been more than 300 donations leaving the effort with an average donation of just over $55.00. Donations have come primarily from individuals with only about 5% coming from organizations. Contacts have been made with dozens of Pagan organizations and the First Giving page has more than two thousand likes. The project would like to encourage people who may not have a lot of money to participate by giving smaller donations of $1.00 - $10.00.

It is with profound gratitude that we are able to report that the Pagan Japan Relief project has raised nearly $17,100.00 in its first four days of operation. The ability of the community to come together and support a unified effort to provide relief to disaster victims is humbling to all those involved.

It is important to note that it is in the first days after a disaster that organizations are most effective in fundraising efforts. With a goal of $30,000.00 it will be important for those involved to remain motivated in this effort and not let this become yesterdays news in the community. With this in mind, here are some suggestions for maintaining the momentum.

Facebook users can assist by reposting the donation link whenever they have not seen it come across their news feed in 24 hours. Remember we have thousands of community members who rarely check their e-mail much less social networking sites.

We can also roll this effort out to the broader community by bringing the cause to the attention of other Pagans at meet ups, Coven gatherings, groves, and guilds. Consider being the conduit for those who are willing to donate a few dollars and collect these funds for donation. Note that in charity giving credibility is important and those donating should be informed when their donation is posted.

Consider hitting the Facebook share button on the First Giving site after you have donated.

Consider holding a small fundraiser for the effort. In fundraisers, small tends to be better and does not overwhelm the community with logistical responsibilities.

Each of us has a right to take pride in this cooperative effort. In the last few days we have proved that the Pagan community can come together, that the threads that bind us are stronger than the forces that would separate us. Pagan and Proud is certainly a sentiment that all those involved have a right to embrace as a result of this community’s accomplishment over the last few days.

Should there be any doubt about our intent to provide assistance to the victims of this disaster or the desire to come together as a community, please take the time to read the statements of a wide range of notable Pagans who have offered support for this project listed below.

To donate go to:

In Service to our community,

Peter Dybing

Rev. Kirk Thomas ADF Archdruid

When disaster strikes, it means that the Earth is finding Her own balance. But it is our job to feel compassion, lend aid, and support our fellow creatures that they may survive this terrible time and regain wholeness. And while we do this, let us also remember that it is this life that matters - the next will take care of itself. So as we come to the aid of our fellow beings on Mother Earth, let us live as though each day is our last, and let every day be a blessing.

Bright blessings

Selena Fox

“Healing to Japan, to those there, and to those connected there! We
can help with healing in several ways: through rituals, prayers, &
meditations, by staying informed & networking with others, and by
contributing to relief efforts. Doctors Without Borders has already
begun doing international medical relief work in Japan. Join with me
and others in supporting their work through this Pagan Community First
Giving endeavor.?


-- HI friends, if some of you are wondering how to help the folks in Japan who have lost so much in this ongoing tragedy, here’s an effort set up by the Pagan community to raise funds for Doctors Without Borders. I strongly support this effort: Doctors Without Borders does great work worldwide, and I think it’s a positive and important step for us as a community to coordinate our efforts to help. Thanks! Starhawk

Patrick McCollum, Patrick McCollum Foundation

“Let's pull together as a community. Peter Dybing has experience and has researched to make sure your money will be used to help the people. I fully support this project and hope many of you will join me as well.”

T. Thorn Coyle: Know Thyself

Because we value diversity, Pagans tend to scatter into our separate groups and our variant forms of religious expression. And yet, for many of us, there is a common sense of what joins us: we value the sacred in the everyday. We value the sacred in ourselves, in the land, the sea, the sun, the sky.
Magick is manifestation. Because we value diversity, let us help our varied biosphere and acknowledge the ways in which we are the same: let us come together to help Japan. Solar Cross Temple has contributed to the Pagan Giving Fund. Will you?

Yeshe Rabbit, HPS of Come As You Are Coven

Let us turn our hearts and prayers toward the Land of the Rising Sun in this hour of tremendous need. For each dollar we give, for each recitation of healing prayer we commit to breath, there is a person whose suffering is alleviated. Even if you typically do not donate to charitable causes, please consider giving what you can to this effort. Organized by ethical and knowledgeable Pagan community leader Peter Dybing, and benefiting Doctors Without Borders, this fund has the potential to bring substantial relief to many people who desperately need it. And, please, turn to whatever Powers you hold dear to ask for grace, healing, and swift recovery for our brothers and sisters in Japan, the Earth, and Her sacred creatures.

Anna Rowe
President WitchSchool International

The members of Witchschool, staff, students and I wish to express our sympathies to all the peoples of Japan and affected areas that have lost their homes their property and their lives in the recent earthquakes, tsunamis and the now dangerous problems with the nuclear reactors.

We are also aware of the 118 students of Witchschool Japan and their families and wish to express our concerns and to send prayers for their safety and welfare.

We are passing on your fundraising effort to all our students and members

M Macha Nightmare

In the wake of the devastation that Japan has suffered and continues to suffer, my friend Peter Dybing, who as a first responder himself knows a thing or ten about disaster relief, has initiated Pagan Japan Relief project to raise funds for Doctors Without Borders. We Pagans -- you and me and our friends and colleagues -- can make a statement while making a difference. Please contribute what you can at Pagan Community FirstGiving.

Star Foster

I think the fundraising effort to support Doctors Without Borders response to the disaster in Japan is not only a great way to help our fellow human beings, but also a shining example of what we can accomplish together. Being able to point to this as something Pagans can accomplish together will serve as a point of pride and inspiration for a long time.

Jason at The Wildhunt

"This is a hugely positive cooperative effort, one that we can all take pride in. So continue to spread the word,"

Morgana Coordinator for Pagan Federation International

"Shocked and amazed at the force and suddenness of the tsunami raging over North-East Japan - Pagans round the world are rallying to support "Doctors without Borders" in their efforts to help the injured and bereaved in the disaster-stricken areas.” (Regular donor to "Artsen Zonder Grenzen" in the Netherlands)

Ivo Dominguez Jr

"One belief that many Pagans hold in common is that we are all connected
by the web of life. Please support the caregivers that are helping to
mend the rip in the web in Japan. Their healing is our healing."

Blessings, Ivo

Holli S. Emore, Cherry Hill Seminary

For many years I have worked with all sorts of clients to help them raise the funds needed to carry out their good work. If anything can mitigate the sorrow I feel over the tragedy in Japan, it is the joy of seeing our Pagan community step up to the challenge of giving at such a critical time. The truth is that charitable giving is a transformative act, a very concrete way of moving energy. I applaud Peter for using his position as CoG First Officer to rally us to this common cause. My husband and I have both given to Doctors Without Borders through the Pagan giving link, and we have also contributed to the American Red Cross where my husband is a national reservist. Most of us cannot go to Japan to help search, rescue, or rebuild. But through our financial gifts – of any and every size – we can be part of the work. I say to all of us – be transformed by your giving and give tranformatively.

Katrina Messenger Reflections Mystery School

This is an incredible response to such devastation and loss. Pagans have always donated to relief efforts, volunteered to assist victims of disaster and help create policies that save lives and protect the environment. This campaign however allows us to pool our efforts and express our support to the people of Japan as a community.

So lets spread the word, engage the community and achieve this goal together. No donation is two small will be our mantra!

Peter Dybing


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This is wonderful news!!! I'm glad to know the community can come together like this.
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