Thursday, October 30, 2014

Activism and our Ancestors

As believers in manifesting our own destiny we often unintentionally ignore the contributions that our ancestors have made to our moral, intellectual and spiritual make up.  When I consider who I would be if my ancestors had made different choices, led different lives, I am profoundly affected by my realization of how much I am the sum of generations of choices.

On a family level I wonder if my father had not told me stories, as a child, of his activities delivering underground newspapers during the Nazi occupation of Denmark, would I have developed my compulsion to confront injustice?

My Dad, Hans Dybing, who as a teen delivered news papers for the Danish Underground during the Nazi occupation

 Further, had not my protesting older cousins set for me an example of seeking social justice, would I be the same man I am today? Would I have begun my activism at age eight without these influences?

Myself meeting with Colorado Gov. Love about school bussing. Age 8

In terms of our activist ancestors, I ask myself:

Would I be such a believer in the power of civil disobedience had Rosa Parks not taken the seat she did?

Would I believe in the ability of individuals to make a difference had not I witnessed the life and death of Bobby Kennedy? 

 Would I have the same belief in peaceful resistance had not Martin Luther King given his life in the name of justice?

Today I can hear the whispered voices of my ancestors, those in my family, those in my social justice community, those in my spiritual community and I am humbled.  Their words urge me to carry on, continue to act for social justice in all its’ forms.  I am cradled in the arms of those who have gone before me on this path.  Any small contribution I may make to our blessed community flows from them and upon future generations.  Such service grounds me upon the earth where my ancestors lie.

So my friends, Who are your honored ancestors? How did they influence your life? Feel free to comment!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

CNN & Fox News Contribute To The Ebola Crisis

For those in the disaster world it is a well-known principal that effective responses continue only as long as ongoing in depth coverage continues.  Today in West Africa dozens of patients, men, women and children will die.  Local West African health leaders plead for more funding, more responders and additional logistical support.

The news in the west is awash with reports about 3 cases of Ebola in Texas; our President makes statements, experts pontificate and talking heads spin the news for both it’s dramatic and political effects.

Meanwhile funding for Ebola response in Africa continues to dribble in to the accounts of Doctors Without Boarders and other NGO’s.  Many NGO’s have stopped considering accepting the nationwide flood of volunteers, who wish to respond, due to a lack of funds.

America wake up, this is a global health crisis; national news organizations need to refocus their coverage where the real disaster is happening.  News coverage is the engine that drives donations to responding organizations. It is disgusting that America is so engrossed in our local three cases and diverting attention from where the needs are greatest.

Our national news outlets are behaving in an immoral manner in their coverage, more interested in spreading fear that will drive ratings than being part of a proactive solution.  

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ebola, Testing Our Humanity

Our nation announces we will build hospitals in West Africa; the world applauds and ignores the fact that the plan is to NOT have Americans staff these clinics. Compassion on the world stage evidently extends only to the point where our self-interest as a nation would be put at some risk.

In the west,  a couple of Ebola cases fill the news, on the hour reports related to their condition and those they have infected focus our nation on “our country”. Missing in all this is the dozens who continue to die daily in West Africa.

As West Africa continues to sink deeper into chaos, half measures and promises are made to placate western sensibilities. On the ground, where the disaster is occurring, pleas are made for more funds, more equipment and more responders.  Governments and NGO’s are moribund by their “procedures” which were not designed to address the immediate needs of a medical disaster of this magnitude.

Our national system of Disaster Medical Assistance Teams (DMAT) has not even been considered as an option for addressing this disaster.  Instead our government has sent the military, with guns and all,  to take up positions in a foreign nation.  Essentially, we have used this crisis as a pawn in the international geo political chess game with China in Africa.

My heart aches to be in Africa assisting, yet all attempts to get there have been dashed.  Evidently those who wish to respond with years of training are not needed.  Inside I weep as I consider the lives being needlessly lost.  Unable to put my compassion into action I am also lost.

Deep inside me in a private place, I wonder if the faces of those dying were white, would the response be the same? The conclusion I come to is shameful! 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Sacrifice Upon The Alter Of Expectation

It is an experience most within the Pagan community have had.  In our interactions we discover that an individual we are interacting with does not live up to our expectations in terms of belief, follow through, ability or view of social justice.  Our pre-conceptions are shattered; we question our own judgment in engaging with the individual, examine how “different” they are in the light of day and realize our mistake.

Therein is the rub. It is our mistake. In our desire to feel secure in our community we have laid down expectations that surly will be shattered. In our need to believe that we have a safe place to grow spiritually we have manifested a fantasy world where our co-religionists share all of our values. For some this idea of our “Blessed Community” leads to disillusionment.

Simply stated, many discover that there is no safe place for spiritual growth. The process of growth involves confronting our own pre conceptions, learning compassion for others and accepting that our relationship with the divine is unique, individual and not dependent on the actions or beliefs of others.

Growth is dependent upon confronting our need for uniformity, developing the ability to honor the paths’ of others and embracing both our intersections of belief and our divergence in personal ethos.  Many proclaim that our community is fractured, that “those Pagans” are not like us. This process of “othering” tears apart the community and limits our ability to come together on issues of mutual interest.

The Pagan community can only move forward if we focus on honoring our differences, having compassion for those with whom we have issues and engaging the wider world together in achieving social justice.

I have friends in community who whole heartily believe in issues I oppose. My task is to be willing to engage with them where our beliefs intersect and not sacrifice my personal understanding of the divine upon an alter of expectation.

I will honor the differences as manifestations of the diversity in beliefs and paths within our “Blessed Community”; ever mindful that my path to the divine is unique and intended for me alone.


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Lessons From My Garden

Darkness surrounds, small, encased in Gaia, nourished by organic matter from years past, I remain miniscule in the universal scale of things.  I can sense the potential I possess, moisture soaks down upon me from above, stirring my centuries of evolution.

With each drop of moisture I begin to spread, tapping the limitless source of nutrients provided by my ancestors.  Calling from above there is warmth, a promise of growth, of reaching my potential. Stirring within me is the calling of sacred energy from above.

There is a new dawn for me, as I rise from the immortal darkness, I can feel the calling of my potential.  With certain knowledge that I must grow and become something bountiful, I reach for the light.

With my place of origin firmly rooted, the light grows warmer. I branch up and out, growing stronger every day.  In this process I become aware of the diversity that surrounds me. Thousands of beings inching towards the fullness of there nature.

Next to me, atop another being there is a sudden blossom of color, I am comforted.  Suddenly I feel a wellspring of energy, I final push to achieve all that my ancestors have shaped me to become.  As the dawn of a new day arrives, I am surrounded by a symphony of color.

With the sudden realization that I too have bloomed as a single colorful note in this visual concerto, I realize my destiny, to grow, to learn, to honor the diversity of life,

There is coolness now, with my blooming, my experience, my knowledge of the great cycle I have manifested the minute seeds of a new generation.  Gaia calls me back to her nourishing cradle, all that I am, seeps back into her cauldron of life.  I am comforted in the knowledge that the cycle will begin again after the time of the darkness. I am whole and immortal having played a part, for a season, in the dance that is life. I will rest in the arms of the great mother.

Friday, August 29, 2014

World Turmoil, What’s a Pagan to do?

Ebola is emerging as a threat to thousands of lives; the images of desperate communities are seared upon our collective conscious.

 In Europe, war has broken out, as the actors in the conflict continue to side step any responsibility. Images of bombed out cities flash across screens piling the horrors of war upon our daily menu of information to digest.

Terror has gripped the Middle East; innocents are murdered in the name of a group using an acronym that defiles the name of a respected Goddess for many in our community. 

How do we as Pagans manage to keep our spiritual focus in times that trigger anxiety on a mass scale?  As an activist that believes in the potential for a better world these are trying times.

Below are some of the ways that I use to keep my center when disaster literally or through media surrounds me:


Grounding is an approach that always helps. By grounding I mean the physical action of putting my hands in the dirt and sensing my connection to mother earth, feeling the energy, experiencing the threads that tie my corporeal being to the elements.  From this experience spiritual grounding begins to flourish within my consciousness.


The temptation to view world events as beyond our control is tremendous.  Such a stance however, encourages us to internalize the stresses that these events encumber us with.  Engaging and crafting personal rituals that seek peace, compassion, healing and understanding surrounding these events is proactive and recognizes that each of us have the ability to seek the world we wish to live in.


Letters to world leaders, donations to those providing relief and actual volunteering of time have all been strategies I have used to engage, participate in solutions and bring about change. 

Our world is lacking in voices that urge compassion, compromise, understanding and real action in support of these principles. Someday it may be your letter that touches the inner being of a major actor in one of these world events.  We as Pagans can make a difference if we refuse the inner narrative that tells we are helpless to affect change upon the human condition.

These three suggestions have worked for me. What works for you? Please share your experiences in the comments section. We are in community, together we can manifest change.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Gaza, The Goddess and Grounding in Compassion

World events once again have manifested violence on an un-imaginable scale. Across our nation protests are raging, some against the violence of Palestinian organizations and some laser sighted on the state sponsored violence perpetrated by Israel.

Pressing upon our community is our response and “position” on these issues. The temptation is to take sides, engage the established dialectic and choose  allies.  Internationally the established narrative is one of blame, distrust and division.

What I propose for the Goddess community is a third way,  less traveled yet holding infinitely more promise of eventual peace and mutual understanding.  In our hearts we know that violence as a means of resolving cultural conflict is unproductive and feeds the hungry beast that perpetuates the deaths of innocents.

Let us speak to solutions, compromise, the ability of humanity of engage compassion and oppose all violence no matter its source.  Let us set the example that discussion of who is in the right is absurd when innocents are perishing in the name of principles that lack the very moral high ground they pretend to be based on.

This is a case of nations unable to transcend schoolyard violence as recourse for offence.  Let us espouse the love of the Goddess, the compassion of humanity, the deep knowledge that however profound a grievance it does not justify violence.

May the Goddess manifest compassion, peace and understanding;  three principles that have the potential to erase the corrupt path of violence, hatred and conflict.

So Mote It Be

Friday, August 1, 2014

A Loss for Humanity – Margot Adler

With the news of the passing of Margot Adler our community manifests remembrances of a pillar of the Pagan community. Even more, there is the recounting of her considerable contributions to journalism, activism, and National Public Radio.

It was years after becoming Pagan that I first read her foundational book on the emerging Pagan community.  As such, I have little connection to the awakening referenced by others as a result of exposure to her work.  Nor do I count my self as a member of her inner circle of friends.  Yes, I shared a number of meals, drinks and conversations with her, yet our relationship was casual with the exception of the profound effect she had on me.

In Margot,  I witnessed the best of what the community can be.  My interactions with her left me in awe of her class, grace, humanity and sense of humor.  I never witnessed anyone come away from meeting her feeling they had met a BNP: instead, there was a realization of a profound human connection, the touching of inner beings, the effect of her presence on any group was comforting.

One year at Florida Pagan Gathering I was honored to have Margot invite me to share a presentation she was giving.  I was stunned, when I asked her why she simply said, “you have something to contribute”.  I was deeply touched.

Our world will miss her iconic voice on NPR, our community will miss her insightful, humorous presentations, and those of us who knew her socially will miss her rye sense of humor.

What I will miss is the wonderful spirit who embodied everything I believe our community aspires to.

Margot was the best of us, may we all manifest the qualities she so easily displayed in everything she did.   The loss to our community is beyond measure, yet, we can celebrate her life by insuring her qualities live within each of us.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Social Justice, the next step

Over the course of the last few years my social justice work has led me to be involved in many causes.  Each effort has deeply affected me in ways that I struggle to verbalize. One of these causes is Transgender rights.  Working to have all of humanity recognized as sacred, valuable and deserving of human dignity is for me the very foundation of social justice.

As part of following the issues I am involved in I joined a Face Book group called "Transgender Day Of Remembrance". The site collects and distributes stories of murders of and assaults on members of the Transgendered community. Below find a listing of the headlines from just June 2014

Ohio man indicted on six counts in robbery, murder of transgender woman

Police arrest homicide suspect after garbage truck driver finds body in Walnut Hills
Transgender activist found dead in O.C. mourned as leader

Bashed for being transgender'

Body of transgender woman found burned, dumped behind garbage bin

Guilty plea in killing of transgender woman in New Westminster
Anaheim police investigating suspicious death of transgender woman
To put this in perspective the Transgender community is about 0.030 % of the population. Frankly if such high numbers of any other demographic in America were being murdered or assaulted there would be national outrage!  The fact that there is not is telling as to old stereo types that live in the subconscious of even the most progressive of our communities.

Today I urge you my readers to make this issue, your issue, stand in support of the transgendered community. Not because you know transgendered individuals, not because you are progressive in belief, but because every human being deserves the advantages of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  

It is just the right thing to do!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Fake Activism

Activism is by its’ very nature is an activity that transcends social norms and calls attention to issues and situations that have not gotten enough attention from established institutions, organizations and communities.

Recently Activism has become a popular subject with individuals who are long-term members of established organizations touting their credentials as activists. While these individuals may be incredibly effective members of service organizations they are not necessarily qualified to claim the title activist.

Over the past few months these individuals, in an attempt to harness the popularity of activist culture, have offered their experiences as a framework for activist engagement.  What is lost is that being engaged in organized social justice work does not an activist manifest. These social justice volunteers seek to focus the yearnings of an activist generation on their narrow organizational goals and interests.

Encouraging activists to surrender their personal agency in choosing social justice actions has the potential to sap the very life force from a generation that is committed to real change, change that these long-term organizations have failed to deliver.  Surly these organizations have accomplished much in setting the stage for change, yet their intense interest in narrow agendas confine their willingness to engage in revolutionary social actions that are needed in this century.

As an activist culture continues to emerge we should question those who seek to influence our actions. Those presenting themselves, as “experts” should be questioned; have they risked their own freedom to manifest social change? Have they lead protests? Have they demonstrated their willingness to exchange a measure of personal safety for social change?  These are important questions.  Volunteers for social change are an incredibly important component of social justice work, they have my respect, yet, to be an activist means so much more than simply volunteering for causes that resonate.

So the next time you take a class or workshop on activism ask your self; is this really about activism or is it an attempt to lasso the energy of activists into supporting well meaning but narrowly focused established organizations.

As a member of many great Social Justice organizations I respect and support their work.  I am however, not ready to surrender my agency as an activist to their organizational framework that looks more like a corporation than an organic outpouring of revolutionary energy.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Old White Guys, Sex and Beautiful Women

It is tempting to give into the idea, sold daily by our culture, that we as “Old White Guys” are still attractive to young gorgeous women. We are repeatedly subjected to the narrative that our status, our money, our influence, our “handsome” graying temples transcend what the mirror makes obvious.

These cultural messages tempt us to engage in beliefs that support the idea that “power over” relationships are acceptable. They are not! As we grow older we have a place of privilege in our culture. By consequence of our birth we have achieved the stereotype of the wise mature man. One only needs to listen to conversations among “mature” white males to understand that the pre conception is flawed.

Frankly, those who engage in these power over relationships, based on wealth, status or influence perpetuate their privilege and support the subjugation of women. Even worse they reinforce the idea that societal power and status is an appropriate currency to purchase sexual relationships. Such actions contribute greatly to rape culture in our communities.

The messages sent to young men are that women are objects to be possessed by those who are successful or influential. Confronting our own privilege means standing up and proclaiming that such power based relationships are not acceptable in our communities.

Images of powerful men 60+ with women in their twenties are celebrated as examples of virility when in fact they represent delusional emotional immaturity bolstered by the willingness to believe that the possession of power transcends ethical behavior. It is time to stop sending the next generation the message that the “possession” of women is acceptable.

Today I call on my fellow “Old White Guys” to confront these beliefs when you witness them in our collective communities. They represent an abuse of power, a perpetuation of un earned privilege and a disregard of the fundamental human rights of women.

Originally posted at Face Book page "Old White Guys Confronting Privilege"

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spiritual Healing and Prophecy Rock

Black Ogre's Uncle

There is an undeniable pulling of my heartstrings that goes unnamed as time passes. As these strings are pulled I am drawn to the realization that I am in need of healing, re evaluation and centering.  With ever more force the yearning to take action, delve deep and manifest healing upon this unnamed affliction overwhelms me.

This is an internal call to spiritual healing, as every day life encroaches upon my spiritual center I find my self out of balance, seeking the sour fruits of the corporeal world instead of the sweet and satisfying harvests of service, meditation and worship. This is about personal Magik, healing Magik that transcends the abilities of the rational mind to heal its self.

When I find myself in this situation I return to a basic truth in life. When adrift, lost or wondering return to where you started. Such an approach always brings clarity, spiritual healing and grounding. For me returning to the place I started means returning to the place of my spiritual birth.  As a young man I was first touched by divinity when I randomly engaged in a short prayer at Prophecy Rock in the Hopi Lands.

 Prophecy Rock At Hopi
Image from the Internet, I take no Photos at Hopi

My heart remembers well the experience of being touched by the divine, overwhelming beauty, warmth that spread from deep within my heart and a sense of awe as I gazed upon creation.

Recently I returned to the Hopi Lands and spent time praying at Prophecy Rock. There are no words for the sense of wholeness and interconnectedness this experience brought me.  My journey into divinity featured some of the most awe inspiring vistas, a sunset over the Hopi Lands that would drive an atheist to belief in the divine and a passionate reminder of the power of magik in my life.

Hopi is a special place to awake in the morning, following Hopi tradition I stepped outside to greet the sun rise, welcoming the Sun King, I decided to call the directions and establish my actions on this journey as wholly conducted with in sacred space.  As I turned and spoke the word AIR, a huge whirlwind engulfed me out of seemingly nowhere; I was blessed with new breath, new insight and the deep knowledge that my journey would provide a bounty of insight and self-healing.

Over the years I have learned many spiritual principles, yet it is this most basic lesson of beginning again at the beginning that has so often brought me into contact with divinity.  Home again I am blessed with divine insight, nothing profound for the world, but even more important transformative for myself.

Where ever your spiritual birthplace, if you are feeling adrift upon your path, I would urge you to return to the beginning, reengage divinity in the simplest of terms, open to what she has in store for you.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Arizona Passes An Anti ___________ Bill

As the world watches the incredible events in the Ukraine,  Arizona quietly retreats social justice into the Dark Ages.  By passing a bill that allows establishments to refuse to serve individuals who place a "substantial burden on their sincerely held religious beliefs" the state has opened a Pandora’s box of discrimination, hatred and bigotry.

The national discussion of the law has focused on LGBT rights and the bills intent to focus on what the right wing terms a “religious freedom” issue.   Be there no mistake, this bill opens the door to discrimination against those wearing a Sikh headdress, a Star of David or a Pentagram.  Such legislation should sound the alarm for Progressives everywhere that our rights are precariously perched on a precipice soon to be violently shoved down the slippery slope of intolerance under the bogus cover of a religious liberty claim.

Progressives, be alarmed, very alarmed, those seeking to frame Freedom as the source of their hatred and intolerance are a threat to all who embrace true religious, social and economic freedom.  Once again, those promoting hate have wrapped themselves in the flag of our nation expecting immunity from a populous deceived by their use of the vernacular of Freedom.

Those who would frame this as “just a LGBT issue” miss the point; unless you are a blue eyed, blond haired, straight, old male Christian this kind of legislation is a profound threat to your freedom, to social justice and to the very foundations of our constitutional form of government.

Today, Arizona’s diverse population is backed against the wall. The choices are clear,  go quietly into the night, deceived by those who would pervert our founding principles or resist with the understanding that this is the moment when we as a nation have the opportunity to defend the foundational freedoms that protect us all.

Progressives, minorities, Muslims, Pagans awake, this is a fight we must participate in!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Shinny Shoes and Mindfulness

Over the years I have taken some flack and good-natured kidding from many individuals about my shoes. From my friend Patrick McCollum saying I was displacing him as the only “wing tipped Pagan” to co-workers teasing that if I take my shoes off my socks would shine also!

A 15 Year old pair of shoes

These comments prompted me to explore this life long habit of taking excessive care of my footwear. At first I suspected that it was just a habit instilled in me by my successful and old school father.  What my exploration revealed was, however, much more profound and related to my personal sense of well being, reduction of stress levels and a consistent source of grounding in my life (no pun intended)

As I engaged in shining my shoes I discovered that the process took my full attention; gone were my concerns, thought processes and every day planning.  Additionally I noticed that as the process progressed that it was so familiar that I was not thinking about the shining process but rather in a state of mindfulness, my mind blank. As I fully considered the process it was evident that my pulse slowed, my stress disappeared and a sense of joyfulness settled over me.

Strange how the most basic rituals of daily life can so fully support a healthy state of mind.  So now I am looking for other activities in my life that bring me to this place of connectedness and openness to divinity. My question to you my blessed community is, what long-standing rituals of daily life support your ability to reduce stress, live in the present and find peace?

Magik surrounds us, even the most basic of activities, established long before we embraced our current path, are rituals that can bring much comfort and sense of well being.

 May you all be blessed with rituals of comfort!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Expanding the Definition of Marriage Equality

The Defense of Marriage Act, Virginia’s attempt to criminalize oral sex, the debate in Utah over same sex marriage, all reflect this countries obsession with religious principles and invasive interest in the private bedroom behavior of our citizens.

 By participating in this debate society gives implied approval that the government has a legitimate interest in the private behavior of its citizens.  Left out are individuals who engage in plural marriage, the trans gendered community and those who just wish engage the legal rights of those closest to them to enter into a binding contract that protects the rights of their families.

At the base of these events is an emerging ethic that all citizens should have the right to engage in the legal benefits of marriage regardless of personal private behavior. In a Plural society, the government should have no interest in “what the marriage contract means in terms of private behavior”.  The legal rights and protections of marriage should be accessible to all Americans.

If you are single and wish to engage these rights to insure that your best friend can make decisions for you, have access to your funds in the event of your death etc., the protection of a legally recognized contract should be available to you.

While I do and will continue to support the efforts of groups like the HRC, just maybe, the time has come to abandon the obsessive and invasive Victorian framework that has dominated these discussions.  Government has no justifiable interest in the private legal behavior of its’ population.  Lets define the marriage contract as available to everyone and remove the arrogant assumption that personal behavior should even be considered when engaging our rights.

The religious arguments about marriage belong within religious communities, not enshrined in law!